Eva Kedar (Ph.D. Organizational Psychology), wears many hats –
literally and figuratively.


In her work with business leaders, Eva creatively combines her passion and education to help her clients develop:

Greater self-awareness about leadership styles

Enhance and balance business and personal relationships

Achieve greater individual and group/forum vitality

Eva brings creativity, energy and knowledge to her clients as she works with them to develop greater self-awareness, and ultimately boost their productivity and vitality both personally and professionally, and as individuals or as a team.

As a Management Consultant and Coach, Eva has worked with Fortune 500 Companies and start-ups, in industries ranging from banking to entertainment to software.

As a Resource to YPO (Young President’s Organization), an international organization of more than 9,000 CEOs worldwide, Eva is certified to provide a wide variety of training and facilitation services to YPO forums around the world.

Eva has written numerous articles and co-authored a book about online entertainment – “Digital Babylon- How the Geeks, Suits and the Ponytails fought to Bring Hollywood to the Internet.”


What's Your Leadership Style?
Exploration of the variety of personality types and their impact on leadership styles in the workplace.

What Hats do you Wear?
Art meets Enneagram in a completely one-of-a-kind approach to the discovery of personality types.

YPO Forum "Esprit de Corps"
Beyond the foundation - Taking YPO forums to the next level of connectedness vitality and functioning.

Teamwork and Beyond
Taking forums/corporate groups to the next level of functioning, connectedness and vitality by developing team vision, values, roles, responsibilities, and creativity.

From Bedroom to Boardroom
Exploration of the parallels between corporate and marriage lifecycles in a journey to "Prime".

Retreat Planning and Facilitation
Retreats play a major role in the rejuvenation of high performance teams and YPO forums. Help from a professional facilitator can make a major difference and yield long lasting results.

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"Dear YPO'er,

If your Forum would like to build trust, to create more appreciation for each other, and to develop greater depth"...

"Eva helped us to understand the importance of structure. We have adopted a set of norms that two years later are still in use. Most importantly we now make the time for valuable presentations and feed"...

"Eva! Thank you so much for the help you gave our forum during the retreat. I think it was our most successful retreat ever. You created a very comfortable, relaxed environment for our group that allow"...